Cello Lessons & Piano Lessons
for Noblesville, Fishers, Westfield, Carmel, Indianapolis


Yoonhae Swanson
 Cellist, Performer & Teacher


* Testimonials *


*Yoonhae Swansonisone of the best teachers I have ever had!  When Yoonhae became my teacher, I had already been studying classical music for about 11 years, and even played at the collegiate level, but I had stopped playing before starting lessons with her in January of 2015.  Yoonhae was able to quickly identify technical issues in our lessons that I had been struggling with throughout my musical career, and was able to help me overcome them. 

As a petite cellist who plays on a 7/8-size cello, Yoonhae was able to help me learn how to navigate my small cello, which is something that has always been a struggle for me.  Also, she helped me work on standard repertoire, (and some flamenco music!) and helped me learn how to get a warmer, deeper sound out of my cello by adjusting my setup, and entire approach to playing cello and performing music.

Yoonhae helped me realize that not only are setup, scales, and technical studies important, but so is mindfulness.  Throughout my lessons, I learned that playing my instrument should not be physically or mentally exhausting, or painful!  One thing I admire about Yoonhae is her attitude towards music.  Yoonhae approaches music with the utmost respect.  She is open to all genres of music, easy to communicate with and very optimistic.  I highly recommend Yoonhae for all levels of teaching cello-young children to adults, beginners to advanced players.  

- Lauren, A. From IUPUI


*Mrs. Swanson is a wonderful cello teacher!  My daughter who is now fourteen-years-old started playing the cello when she was 8, and Mrs. Swanson has been her teacher the whole time.  She has done a great job teaching my daughter proper form and technique from the very beginning of lessons.  As a string musician myself, I appreciate how she teaches my daughter how to practice effectively at home, how to really listen to herself to play in tune, how to shift properly, how to hold her bow, etc., yet also how to feel the music and enjoy playing it, too!  Mrs. Swanson was a big help in preparing my daughter for her audition with the New World youth Orchestra (which she made!) and for seating auditions throughout the year.  I can't say enough good things about our experiences with Mrs. Swanson over these three years.  She's the best!  

- Kris (cello students's mom) from Westfield, IN


*Yoonhae has been a perfect match for me as a teacher.  She provides the right amount of discipline and fun into the lesson to keep me interested and excited about playing & practicing, whereas I found other teachers discouraging and tough to work with.  Plus, she's awesome!

- Emma from Fishers, IN